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Trattoria Il Panino: Reinvented

5 May

Trattoria Il Panino: Reinvented

Trattoria Il Panino
Photographed by Jazz Martin

The North End says hello to its newest hotspot with the newly renovated Trattoria Il Panino.

If you’re looking for the ideal bar for a pre-dinner drink, a quaint meal of Neapolitan style pizza, a private dining space for a special occasion or simply, a classy evening out, look no further than the North End’s latest addition; the new Trattoria Il Panino.

The centrally located bar and restaurant provides the ideal place to start, spend, or end your night. With an elegant wine bar, pizza bar, two dining rooms and an open lounge, why not take advantage of it all?

“Trattoria Il Panino has had three decades of success in the North End and my family is very proud of creating a restaurant that can prosper for 30 years,” says DePasquale Ventures Director of Operations, Joey DePasquale. “The addition of the new space allows us to reinvent this time-honored dining destination and create more space for guests to enjoy meals at any time of the day or night. I am honored to continue in my father’s footsteps of providing our guests stellar Italian food, drinks and service in a beautiful atmosphere.”

The new Trattoria Il Panino operates as one restaurant, with one menu, two entrances and a whole lot of dining options to accommodate 250 people.

For lunch, dinner and late night dining, stop by the Hanover lounge or for solely lunch and dinner, take a seat in the Parmenter dining area.