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Burgers are a convenient, last minute meal for just about any scenario, piled high with anything from peppers to peanut butter in an attempt to make a standout burger.
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Sweat for Spring
If staying on the couch seems oh so tempting, fear not— these four top-notch fitness hot spots are here to pull you right back into the most buzzed about workouts of the spring. Pull yourself off the sofa and get ready to be seriously motivated.
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Sweat for Spring

20 Mar

Sweat for Spring

If staying on the couch seems oh so tempting, fear not— these four top-notch fitness hot spots are here to pull you right back into the most buzzed about workouts of the spring. Pull yourself off the sofa and get ready to be seriously motivated.

Equinox Studio Cycle


If the eye-catching ad campaigns don’t hook you, the dazzling facilities will do the trick. In the world of luxury full-service fitness, Equinox has proven to be an enduring fixture.

Born out of the fitness-crazed 90s, the ultra high-end health club brand has become somewhat of a wellness Mecca, known and respected for bringing members the best of what the industry has to offer. The company’s slogan, “it’s not fitness, it’s life” rings true the moment you step into one of Boston’s four locations. Floor to ceiling windows flood the Franklin Street club with sunlight. Nestled in the middle of the Financial District, the gym boasts newly renovated locker rooms with digital locks, Eucalyptus-scented towels and a selection of Kiehl’s products. The two-story facility offers a health-conscious smoothie and snack bar, cutting edge equipment, and gorgeous studios dedicated to group exercise; Pilates, spin, and boxing. Hop over to the Avery Street location in the Ritz Carlton Hotel or the Chestnut Hill Club to swim some laps in the pristine temperature-controlled pools.

The classes at Equinox have been celebrity magnets for years. Now you can work up a sweat in the same high-intensity workouts lead by insanely motivating instructors. Along with the continually popular choices like Barre Burn and Tabata, Equinox recently introduced two new signature classes to their already stacked lineup. Start with a cardio-focused boxing workout, minus the gloves and bags, add light hand weights with a carefully curated playlist and you have The Cut. The Martial Arts-based class is open to all levels and pushes members to the limit for five heart-pumping rounds. If you’re more of a spin devotee, The Pursuit is Equinox’s newest addition to its renowned cycling roster. Set to some pretty killer jams, the class is separated into two slightly different types: The Pursuit: Burn and The Pursuit Build. The Pursuit: Build is “designed to improve endurance, increase strength, and improve riders’ ability to work harder for longer,” while The Pursuit: Burn uses HIIT style circuits to torch calories and maximize your cardio workout.

If classes aren’t your thing, or if you’re really looking to make a lifestyle change, the personal training department features some of the most well-educated professionals in the industry. Each trainer completes hours of extensive kinesiology courses in addition to possessing multiple nationally recognized certifications. Whether they are coaching you through a blisteringly fast boxing routine, guiding you through a perfect deadlift, or working with you to create a meal plan that actually yields results, these trainers are at the top of their game, and you’re their next success story.

If you think you’re ready to #Committosomething, jog on over to Equinox at 225 Franklin Street in Boston or give them a call at (617)426-2140.

Everybody Fights


Nothing embodies blood, sweat and tears more than boxing. The sport in part owes its recent ascension into the hearts and minds of fitness fanatics everywhere to the popularity of high intensity interval training, or “HIIT.”

The blinding speed and timed rounds of the sport make for some pretty intense cardiovascular training and the results speak for themselves. Boxing has been a respected measure of brute strength, speed and skill for more than a hundred years, tracing its roots as early as ancient Greece. Leave it to the son of one of the most well known boxers in recent memory, George Foreman Sr., to open a gym dedicated to connecting the elements of the past with modern science and style. EveryBodyFights® oozes old school grit while providing members with amenities more closely associated with luxury fitness clubs including digital lockers, towel service, steam rooms, saunas, and an organic juice bar. EveryBodyFights® also features two boxing rings, ample heavy bags, a great sized weight and strength training area, along with a cardio room overlooking the rings.

When developing the concept for the gym, George Foreman III made sure to include yoga, spin, road, and core-focused classes to ensure total-body fitness. With over 150 classes per week, there is something for the fighter in everyone, whether you are a seasoned pro or have never set foot in the ring. George Foreman III engineered his signature BOXFIIT™ classes to develop the strength and skill to be a top-notch fighter in the ring, or in everyday life. Foreman describes the class as, “The culmination of everything I learned about boxing fitness from my father George Foreman Sr. who fought professionally until the age of 50. I molded everything he taught me into a format that can be executed in any gym or home anywhere in the world. It’s the ultimate fighter’s workout comprised by a thoughtful combination of boxing, strength, endurance, conditioning, core, and flexibility training.” With focus also set in growth beyond their own gyms, EveryBodyFights® has launched EBF Fight School™, a BOXFIIT™ certification program for trainers and fitness enthusiasts, as well as an EBF Studio™ program, a box-in-a-box program bringing the boutique experience to big box gyms. EveryBodyFights® mission is to equip people with the fitness, nutrition and motivational tools to unleash their inner fighter.

Step into the ring at EveryBodyFights®, located at 15 Channel Center Street | Boston, MA 02210. For information, call (857)250-4140 or visit www.everybodyfights.com

Brick Boston

Brick Boston

If real-deal weightlifting is more your style, BRICK Boston is the Financial District’s newly minted luxury CrossFit gym—the first of it’s kind here in the city.

The fitness club, or “box” as CrossFit gyms are known as, opened in December 2015 and features 22,000 square feet of space for elite athletes and beginners alike, to kick their workouts into high gear. Though many Crossfit gyms are known for taking an old school, bare bones approach to fitness centers, members at BRICK Boston enjoy luxury amenities including an organic smoothie, juice and coffee bar, sports massage and physical therapy, posh locker rooms and showers, towel service, comfortable lounge areas and complimentary Wi-Fi.

“We have been working feverishly on the development of our revolutionized CrossFit gym for the past several months, and we’re excited to finally showcase it to the public,” said BRICK Boston co-owner, Sarah Vazirani. “We are trying to convey a new meaning associated with the immensely popular CrossFit brand, and create a home where fitness is done different.” Staying true to her word, BRICK offers more than just the traditional CrossFit workouts, with numerous programs to help foster a more holistic approach to wellness. Members have the opportunity to participate in The BRICK Academy, an educational on-ramping series to provide members proper training and technique before engaging in advanced CrossFit programs; BX, a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout; recovery classes like Mobility and Yoga; and programs for advanced athletes such as Performance, BRICK Endurance and the BRICK Barbell Club.

Those who are new to CrossFit, or new to an exercise program in general, can feel comfortable coming to BRICK, says BRICK Boston co-owner, Chris Lee. “At BRICK, we feel that it is imperative to offer a variety of training programs that can accommodate any particular health and fitness-related need, goal and objective,” said Lee. “We have meticulously designed and developed our training programs to empower all of our members so they can achieve their desired fitness goals in an engaging and safe atmosphere.”

If you’re inching to start lifting weights and earning those calluses on your hands, BRICK Boston is located at 133 Federal Street, Boston, MA 02110. For more information, call 617-426-0875 or visit www.brickboston.com.

Move Sweat Love

Move. Sweat. Love.

Believe it or not, spring is here. It’s time to head outside. Mega-popular fitness instructor Ali Baldassare is bringing her incredibly successful Move Sweat Love Pilates Boot camp back outside to the Rose Kennedy Greenway later this spring.

A ten-year veteran of the fitness industry, Ali combines the celebrity-favorite Pilates method with a live DJ and an unbeatable venue—right in the heart of the city. The Pilates fusion boot camp features creative cardio drills, classical Pilates, and innovative core exercises designed to challenge, strengthen, and tone your entire body just in time for the summer. After one class, it’s not hard to understand why Miley Cyrus and the Victoria’s Secret models rely on this method to stay in killer shape. The Move Sweat Love boot camp has been an annual fixture in the North End since 2013 and continues to grow each year. The best part? It’s completely free. Grab your mat and get going!

Move Sweat Love runs weekly, June-September on Mondays from 6:30-7:30 p.m. on the Rose Kennedy Greenway in the North End. For more information, please visit www.alibaldassare.com/msl-pilates-bootcamp/ or follow the action on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MoveSweatLove/