Look good, feel good. The age-old adage seems to stand the test of time. Grooming seems to be intertwined within our DNA, as self-grooming has been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Flash forward three millennia and we are still at it. Style has definitely come along way, but with time also comes options. There are dozens of Barbershops around the city to choose from. To ease the modern man’s anxiety we have narrowed down the list to a few of our favorites.

Jerel at 119

Besides teamwork, any great team thrives with consistency. Consistency and time always result in greatness—go ahead and ask the New England Patriots. While it may not be a major sports team, Jerel at 119 sure does operate like one. For the better part of two decades Jerel Defrancesco has been cultivating major success in the salon business. Jerel has been a Newbury street stable going back to his days at 138 Newbury. Nine yeas ago he and his team moved up the street to 119, and they haven’t looked back. Jerel at 119 is unique in not only how they approach the modern haircut, but also in the clientele they cater to.

When you first walk in to Jerel at 119 you are greeted warmly with a smile, something akin to seeing an old friend for the first time in a long time. Then you receive a consultation. Jerel at 119’s self imposed mantra of, “Your cut should be based on your facial features, not what’s coming out in the fashion magazines” goes against the industry standard. While change can be scary, it is not always a bad thing. Each haircut is specifically catered around the unique shape of your face.

There is nothing worse than picturing your ideal haircut, only to realize it doesn’t match your face. Worry not. You are in good hands. The six-chair salon will not only make you feel good with warm smiles and conversation, but you will also look good. Which, if were being honest, is the most important part of a haircut. The other unique aspect of Jerel at 119 is whom they cater to. They have a very loyal customer base that keeps coming back. Besides the droves of loyal customers, Jerel himself also works with TV personalities, celebrities, and musicians—but you didn’t hear that from me. If you are looking for more than a haircut and a blow dry, you can also opt in for other amenities such as color treatments, pedicures, manicures, and facial waxing. If you want a great haircut, a friendly conversation—and maybe, if you’re lucky, some celebrity gossip—at a great price, head over to Jerel at 119.

Photographed by Jazz Martin

Boston Barber Company

The best place to start is without doubt the North End. The North End perfectly encapsulates American culture. Built from the ground up by primarily Italian immigrants, it stands as a testament to the American Dream: come here, work hard, and succeed. The North End is privy to a bevy of mouth-watering eateries, but more importantly it is becoming ground zero for style. Located dead center in this style rebirth is Boston Barber Company.

Boston Barber Company has quickly become a haven for men looking to get great service from a meticulous staff. In the early days of Boston Barber they started with one chair. As the years passed, they grew chair by chair. Now operating with nine chairs they are a well-oiled machine, producing some of the best cuts in Boston. But it doesn’t end there.

In true Bostonian fashion, Rob saw opportunity for growth. The idea came to him that they shouldn’t stop at just cuts and shaves. They could go further, and they did. Boston Barber Company fought tooth and nail for two years to become the only licensed tattoo parlor in the downtown area. An additional add-on to the tattoo parlor came with it, a tanning service.

It is not only the quality of service or the admirable hustle of the staff at Boston Barber that sets it apart from the competition, but also its atmosphere. From the moment you cross into Boston Barber you feel at home. You are greeted with a smile and a friendly face. The long leather bench is usually filled with young men waiting for a cut. Don’t be surprised if you see a member of one of Boston’s professional sports teams there. Bruins are frequent visitors to the establishment. With their growth they didn’t lose sight of the little things though.

If the North End is just too far out of the way for you, don’t worry you are in luck. Since the 1920’s there has been a little Barbershop nestled next to the statehouse. It has changed hands multiple times, but it was always in operation. Hell, JFK used to get his haircut there. With the previous owner about to close it down, Rob made an offer and secured the spot. This gave way to the birth of the second Boston Barber Company. With the same great service and different color scheme (to match the statehouse) the empire grew just a little bit more.

This begs the question: when will they stop? Apparently not any time soon. The boys at Boston Barber recently purchased the upstairs space above their North End shop. They have plans to renovate it to allow for another tattoo parlor and even more seats. And so the machine grows larger.

If you want a great haircut, friendly service, a relaxing atmosphere, and, if you are lucky, to hear a great story, or maybe see a Bruin, head to the North End and grab a seat.


For almost fifty years, Mr. Sids in Newton has been the one stop shop for Men’s casual and business wear. Shirts, suits, ties, and custom tailoring in one location has made it a beacon for those looking for a sharp suite.

Traditionally, Mr. Sids always had a barber shop. They then moved away from the barbershop and branched out to a salon atmosphere. But, as is usually the case with one’s roots, they always come back to them and so to has Mr. Sids. This is where Chivalry comes in. The expansive renovations of the barbershop will complete the haven like atmosphere that Mr. Sids already cultivates. While you wait for your suit, you can have a drink at the hospitality bar, and then head over to get your haircut. If it sounds like heaven, that’s because it is. The newly renovated space will include: 5 barber chair stations, two pedicures stations, mobile manicure stations, a treatment room and lounge area that includes the aforementioned bar, and also a billiards table.

If the amenities don’t impress, which is almost impossible, then maybe the range of services will. Chivalry’s services include: Haircuts, Straight Razor Shave, Bear & Moustache trims, coloring, manicures, pedicures, facial & skin treatments, face & body waxing, and shoe shines. The haircuts range from $45 to $55 and straight razor shaves are the same. The offering and space is
unbeatable, but Chivalry doesn’t end there. In an effort to simplify things they will also be offering a smartphone app. The app will allow clients to book their cuts and trims on the go, because there is nothing worse than showing up to a barbershop with a line out the door.

Finally, one of the most interesting aspects of Chivalry will be the new membership offerings. In an effort to keep their clients constantly looking good, Chivalry will be offering two monthly memberships: the standard package,“Valor”, and the premium package, “Cavalier”. “Valor” will allow members to receive unlimited haircuts, cleanups, and shoe shines. The premium package, “Cavalier”, offers the same amenities, plus the added bonus of two straight razor shaves, and unlimited beard and mustache trims per month. If you want to keep your kids looking well kept, Chivalry also offers the incentive of “Honorable”. Honorable extends the same services as “Valor” but to client’s children.

With a relaxed atmosphere, attentive service, and unbelievable amenities, Chivalry has positioned themselves to be a dominant force in the Men’s grooming scene. Chivalry opens officially in late November, so make sure you book an appointment in advance because they will surely be busy.

Hit the Bar

For those that prefer a bar soap, Clinique for Men Face Soap with Dish preps your face for a shave while leaving skin fresh and perfectly moisturized.


Cheers to good hair!

Carlsberg Shampoo is infused with Carlsberg beer, these suds clean and nourish hair leaving healthy shiny locks.


Say goodbye to after burn

The Art of Shaving Ocean Kelp After-Shave Lotion Soothes skin and replenishes moisture while steering clear of synthetic dyes and alcohol.


Be strong and flexible

Sachajuan Hair Paste is easy to use, apply to wet or dry hair for flexible hold with texture and shine.

Sachajuan Hair Paste

Don’t keep a weathered eye

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigues Eye Serum decreases puffiness and brightens dark circles while smoothing the appearance of wrinkles.

We’ve got you under our skin

Jack Black Deep Dive Cleanser uses Kaolin (China Clay) to draw out impurities and absorb facial oils to control shine all day, while volcanic ash is antioxidant packed to restore and regulate moisture levels.


Beards have a way of growing on you

Gillette Fusion Proglide Razor with FlexBall Technology provides maximum contact with your skin while 5 fine blades allow for less pulling.