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10 Oct


Photographed by Jazz Martin

Throw all your preconceived ideas of brunch out the window. At Committee, they take your outdated omelet, boring Bloody Mary, and emotionless, background music and raise you timeless, Mediterranean small plates, royalty-worthy champagne trays, and club-inspired beats.

I immediately recognize that this is the place to be Sunday at 11a.m; before my husband and I even make it to the door we can see a large group of people eating outside on the patio. As we walk in there’s so much to look at, with the seating ranging from low tables and wall benches, to high tops with industrial stools, to a full-on chef’s table for larger parties by the kitchen. There’s also a bunch of people at the bar toward the back of the restaurant and everyone seems to be buzzing with energy, so we’re very excited to order our food.

Since returning from our honeymoon in Greece, my husband and I have been dying to try some authentic Mediterranean food to bring us back in time. A breakfast pie definitely does the trick. The Tyropita is a light and creamy combination of phyllo dough, feta, kasseri, and vlahotiri cheese. This is very similar to the Spanakopitakia we had on our first day in Oia. The phyllo is nice and flakey and the cheeses work well together to form a tasty little pocket that serves perfectly as a starter. We enjoy this dish with the Greek Cheese Plate. This impressive selection includes multiple slices of cheese that our waiter, Nick, tells us is sourced straight from Greece. In fact, Committee’s Food Director is Diane Kochilas, a renowned Greek chef and cookbook author who splits her time between Greece and the United States. Along with the fantastic array of cheeses, there are dried fruits, nuts, marmalade, honey and some really outstanding ginger-cranberry toast.

As we wait for our main courses to come out, I take notice of the unique music. Most brunch places have really soft jazz music playing in the background, whereas right now, I’m singing along to a very loud Tupac remix. And I’m not the only one; there are actually a few people up out of their seats dancing. And that’s when I see there’s an actual DJ playing the music. This place will definitely cure your hangover.

This one-of-a-kind creation is the work of George Aboujaoude, which makes perfect sense given his background. Not only does he own Cafeteria, on Newbury Street, but he also opened Bijou nightclub in the Theater District, which is known for its world-renown DJs and impossible lines of people trying to get a piece of the action. If ever there were a man fit to fuse music and food, it would be George.

I’m still dancing in my seat a bit when the food arrives but the waiter seems to be used to it. For our brunch main courses, we decided to do like we did in Crete and order some little plates to share. We both dive into the Greek Yogurt Pancakes, Shakshouka and Spanakopita Grilled Cheese. The pancakes are light and fluffy, which my husband remarks is a plus for “eating a ton of pancakes in one sitting.” They are topped with honey, toasted almonds and berries, which is sweet enough for us to forget to use the syrup. The grilled cheese mirrors the cheese plate we had with some really great Greek cheeses melted with spinach between Kalamata olive loaf bread. When dipped in the creamy tomato soup, it’s a dish that really hits the spot. The Shakshouka is a real treat because it reminds us of the breakfast buffet in Athens, which always included eggs cooked in tomato sauce. The dish consists of eggs cooked in a pan with tomato sauce, peppers, onions, and feta. It’s savory and delicious and it comes with pita slices to dip and that’s what we continue to do until all of it is gone.

All of the food we had was great, but we can’t stop thinking about the Tyropita so we order something similar for dessert: Bougatsa. This dish consists of phyllo dough, custard, cinnamon, and powdered sugar. It’s essentially a sweet version of the Tyropita and it’s the perfect dessert because it’s sweet and delicious but not too filling. My husband and I have the same smiles on our faces that we had on our flight back home to Boston.

As we’re waiting for the check, a large party of women sits at the table next to us. The waiter immediately brings out a champagne tray full of fresh juices, fresh fruit and a huge bottle of champagne on ice. The women are dancing in their seats as they serve each other mimosas, looking like they’re having the time of their lives. I think to myself that the honeymoon was great, but I’m ready to come back with friends and relive the bachelorette party.