AMR Antoine Rubini
Scene | 3 January

Antoine Rubini on Federal Street is bringing a taste of authentic Italian fashion into the heart of Boston.

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Earls Kitchen
JazzRules | 16 November

What lies at the core of Earls is family. That atmosphere has been captured in each of its 66 locations, and will bring that same sense to its place in the Prudential.

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April Soderstrom
Scene | 15 August

Boston-based designer April Soderstrom launched her bohemian jewelry in 2011, and has since risen to fame among locals and celebrities alike

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Apex Driving Events
Scene | 20 June

Experience world class racing circuits from the driver’s seat. If you’re driven by motorsports adrenaline, then make sure to book a day with the APEX Driving School.

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Smile Bar
Scene | 3 June

A first of its kind, the newly opened Smilebar, is an Invisalign-only specialist boutique, bringing the most advanced and luxurious teeth straightening experience to Boston.

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