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15 May

Cambridge Vision is Twenty|20

Cambridge Real Estate

Cambridge— land of the thinkers, has recently been named one of the hottest real estate markets in 2016 by Fortune Magazine.

A city synonymous with the brilliant minds of MIT, Harvard, and the growing Kendall Square tech companies is witnessing a new influx of innovation— of the real estate kind. We are seeing a changing skyline in Cambridge’s NorthPoint, similar to Seaport’s story, an urbanization of a long forgotten space into the newest “it” community. Modern real estate innovation aims to create living space that successfully maximizes urbanization while creating a single space where residents can conveniently and efficiently live, work and play. The city of the future is a city of the people and developers are giving the people what they want.

Cambridge Real Estate

More than half of the people in the world now live in cities. With an influx of residents, predominately millennials and empty-nesters, flocking to the city, the home has once again become the center of life. Most people want to live in vibrant, walkable, central locations where the action happens. Historically, cities that evolved before the invention of the automobile flourished by relying on a 20-minute walk or transit trip to everything that residents needed. Today, developers are utilizing technology to create thoughtful networks of mobility via walking/bike paths and public transit to help new communities thrive. Rapidly emerging bike lanes and Hubway Bike Share stations have changed how Bostonians travel and where they can conveniently reside. Shared use is the future in transportation.

Topping the list of new developments that gets it right is Twenty|20 in Cambridge’s NorthPoint. Like 2020 vision, this building does not fall short. In a world more driven by innovative inspiration than ever, the Twenty|20 community is the perfect blend of Seaport, Kendall and Downtown all in one. The NorthPoint neighborhood gem is doing things a bit differently. A killer location with modern urban amenities meets a community devoted to sustainability.

The building’s 21st-floor rooftop with panoramic views of Boston and Cambridge and “serenity” courtyard satisfy the urban-zen blend that so many city dwellers desire. Thoughtful technology— outlets with direct connections for USB cables, four-panel club suite television wall for video gaming and film screenings, 3,000-square-foot state-of-the-art fitness center with yoga sundeck and regulation indoor-basketball half-court, and a bike garage with repair tools— leaves nothing to be desired. Twenty|20 is also working with a local fishmonger on Cambridge Street. who will make fresh deliveries to the residents— an invaluable and highly desirable amenity that screams “Cambridge”. The development aims to promote food trucks, outdoor concerts, and bring in more local business to the thriving neighborhood.

Who says you can’t have it all? Twenty|20 is proof that you can. If you’re looking for an oasis in the middle of the newest thriving neighborhood, come see the vision that is Twenty|20.

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