AMR Antoine Rubini

Photographed by Jazz Martin

Antoine Rubini on Federal Street is bringing a taste of authentic Italian fashion into the heart of Boston. Owner Antoine Rubini opened his first clothing venture Cuffs & Collars in 2008, and his newest store has the goal of returning to a time when attention to detail was extremely important. Your career, personality and taste are considered when creating a wardrobe specifically for you. This unique shopping experience puts the clients’ needs first, leaving every customer feeling more confident.

A passion for fashion runs in Rubini’s family, from his grandmother, a notable custom tailor in Southern Italy, to his father, who got into the business at a young age and eventually opened his own manufacturing, distribution and retail companies in Bari and Rome. Antoine Rubini makes purchasing high-end apparel more accessible for people on a budget. Not only do they have a selection of items ready to go, but their luxury fabrics can also be designed into suits perfectly tailored to your body. For their custom-made suits only, they specialize in a “we come to you” service. Rubini wants his customers to leave feeling their absolute best.