SCENE Magazine marries evocative prose with stunning photography to, in equal parts, inform and indulge readers.

Published six times a year out of Boston’s historic North End, SCENE ensures that readers are kept up to date about the city’s trendiest restaurants and hottest styles. Featuring the best in food, wine, fashion, and culture, SCENE Magazine will, in late 2013, begin covering important current events around the city of Boston, making SCENE the comprehensive Bostonian lifestyle publication for residents and visitors alike.

Food & Wine

Each issue is dedicated to featuring some of the finest restaurants in the Boston area. Going beyond the musings of traditional food reviews, we incorporate the chef’s perspective as well, allowing readers insight into the minds of the most prominent and talented culinary experts of the city. In addition to food, our wine experts are sure to point out the most distinguished, versatile, and cost-effective blends and bottles.

Fashion & Style

Boston is home to a dizzying amount of luxury department stores and posh boutiques. Here at SCENE, we save readers time by ensuring they find the best styles at the best prices, while also offering fresh advice on how to dress fashionably.


We offer first-hand accounts on some of the exotic places to travel, both in the United States and abroad. With each location, we highlight the region’s top restaurants, breathtaking sights, and luxurious places to stay. Our travel writers are well versed on each destination, offering readers the accurate view that can only be found from an insider.

Politics & Current Events

Centuries ago, Boston was a hub of revolutionary politics—it still is today. Starting in late 2013, SCENE will begin covering the political goings-on that hover around Boston. From the monumental stories to the unique local tales, we will be covering the most interesting tidbits of societal intrigue this city has to offer.