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5 Jan

A City Wonderland

DECORATIVE DISPLAYS MAKE FOR OPTIMAL PHOTO OPS. WHILE THE FIRST PHOTOS MAY BE ALL FUN AND GAMES, SAVE SOME SMILES FOR THE REST OF THE CITY’S FESTIVE SCENES. On Chris: Sweater, Theory, $695. Shirt, Theory, $185. On Marisa: Sweater, Loro Piana, $1,375. Skirt, McQ, $575. Jewelry, Alex and Ani. Shot on location at The Lenox Hotel

Although the stereotypical winter wonderland is a sight to see, the city sparkle around the holidays offers an indescribable magic. Marisa and Chris visited Boston to spend the week shopping, searching for gifts and the perfect, festive photo, all while cozied up in M. Miller furs and Neiman Marcus styles. From the Back Bay to Faneuil Hall to the North End, the two sure spoiled each other and certainly got those perfect pictures. Photographed by Bobby DiMarzo

Styled by Jillian Dara.

NEW ENGLAND WEATHER CALLS FOR KEEPING WINTER ACCESSORIES ON HAND DURING SHOPPING STROLLS TO ACCOUNT FOR UNEXPECTED WIND CHILLS. On Chris: Coat, $5,000, Hat, $375, M. Miller. Sweater, Theory, $325. On Marisa: Coat, $5,500, Ear Muffs, $150, M. Miller. Dress, A.L.C., $595. Jewelry, Alex and Ani.

NO NEED FOR SILVER BELLS WHEN YOU HAVE SILVER BAGS FROM NEIMAN MARCUS. On Chris: Coat, $5,000, M. Miller. Sweater, Theory, $325. Pants, Luciano Barbera, $350. Shoes, Ferragamo, $740. On Marisa: Coat, $5,500, M. Miller. Dress, A.L.C., $595. Bag, Tom Ford, $990. Jewelry, Alex and Ani. Shot on location at Neiman Marcus at Copley Place

WHEN FUR DOESN’T CUT THE COLD, SNUGGLE TOGETHER AND WARM EACH OTHER FROM THE HEART. On Chris: Coat, $1,000, M. Miller. Sweater, Vince, $345. Pants, Luciano Barbera, $350. On Marisa: Sweater, $385,   Coat, $6,000, M. Miller. Jeans, Rag & Bone, $195. Jewelry, Alex and Ani.

YOU HAVEN’T EXPERIENCED A BOSTON WINTER UNLESS YOU HAVE A LIGHT-LINED, FANEUIL HALL PHOTO TO PROVE IT. On Marisa: Dress, McQ, $550. Coat, ba&sh, $650. Bag, Tom Ford, $990. Jewelry, Alex and Ani. On Chris: Sweater, Luciano Barbera, $1,695. Pants, Luciano Barbera, $350. Shot on location at Faneuil Hall Marketplace

BRING APRËS-SKI-CHIC OFF THE MOUNTAINS TO YOUR FAVORITE CAFÈ AND SIP CAPPUCCINO TO JUKEBOX CAROLS. Sweater, $375, Vest, $2,400, Skirt, $160, Leg Warmers, $385, M. Miller. Jewelry, Alex and Ani. Shot on location at Caffe Vittoria

LET A GIRL RUN WILD AND SHE’LL RUN TO THE NORTH END FOR PANETTONE AND A BASKET OF GOODIES THAT MAKE THE ULTIMATE GIFTS FOR DINNER PARTIES. Pelt, M. Miller. Sweater, Akris, $1,190. Jacket, IRO, $1,265. Pants, 7 For All Man Kind, $199. Jewelry, Alex and Ani. Shot on location at Bricco Salumeria and Pasta Shop

THERE’S NO BETTER WAY TO KICK BACK AFTER A DAY, OR DAYS, OF SHOPPING THAN TO COZY UP AND SERENADE HER INTO THE NIGHT. Full Pelt Coyote Throw, M. Miller, $3,475. Guitar courtesy of Rock and Roll Legend, Peter Wolf. Shot on location at The Lenox Hotel

Models: Chris Hanly & Marisa A. / Maggie Inc. Hair & Makeup: Natalie Eldredge / Maryelle Artistry.

Neiman Marcus
5 Copley Place
Boston, MA 02116

Neiman Marcus
310 Speen Street
Natick, MA 01760

M.Miller Furs
519 Albany Street
Boston, MA 02118

Alex and Ani
115 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02116