The Wild Wild West
Lindsay Maher | 19 December

Picture this: the dusky limbo of day falling into night. Kicking up dust in your shoes, covered faintly in an earthy bronzer, eyes roaming over the mountains against the sky, a dance of blues bleeding into hazy pinks and yellows.

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Rocky Marciano Wine
Lindsay Maher | 5 December

Study the man on the label: arms up, body twisted in a fighter’s stance. In black and white, the photo retains his focus, strength and, if you look closer, softness.

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Marissa Giambelluca | 13 November

Vacationing in Italy is a special time for most people, but the food hangover you experience when you return home is no joke. To help ease the pain, I figured I’d give my friends a literal taste of my trip by inviting them to dinner at Assaggio.

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Restaurateur Nick Varano
Peter F. Stevens | 20 July

Profiles about Varano have appeared numerous times on the printed page and online, and while most relate his charm, wit, and flair, they usually miss the most important aspect of Varano: his kindness, compassion, and generosity.

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Carolyn’s Sakonnet Vineyards
Lindsay Maher | 29 June

Located in Little Compton, Rhode Island is Sakonnet Vineyard, New England’s oldest winery.

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Pierce Boston
Danielle D’Ambrosio, Esq. | 26 June

Bold and breathtaking architecture makes its mark on the city’s skyline. An architectural standout with walls of shimmering glass, Pierce Boston is a bold and breathtaking welcome addition.

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A Way of Understanding Life
Peter F. Stevens | 2 June

With her debut novel, Eden, local author Jeanne Blasberg Is garnering widespread acclaim.

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Simple Summer Success Guide
Lily Fontas | 2 June

It’s easy for your fitness routine to get waylaid when you’re on the go. After all, who wants to hit the gym when you’re at the beach? The good news is you don’t need to compromise your vacation to reach your fitness goals!

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