April Soderstrom

Boston-based designer April Soderstrom launched her bohemian jewelry in 2011, and has since risen to fame among locals and celebrities alike. It’s not hard to see why her pieces have been featured in Fitness, InStyle and Seventeen magazines, and are well-loved by notables such as Gisele Bündchen and the Kardashians. Color and material marry to fit your personality and make your individual style glow.

The former Miss Massachusetts USA finalist desired to design a line of jewelry for pageant contestants; now, she is the official pageant jewelry sponsor in four states. Soderstrom’s love for the art runs deeply, having begun as a passion project to fuel her creative fire while working in administration a few years ago. She says that she loves experimenting with new color combinations and layering, beads and stones to shake things up. One office wall is devoted to showcasing her latest finds, and she says she enjoys finding a home for every single one.

Make her creations your own arm candy, mixing and matching from Soderstrom’s ‘Arm Party’ collection the plentiful stones and statement tassels. The ‘Featherweight’ Earring collection is as airy as the name suggests: light, thin hoops that are both delicate and bold. Soderstrom also sells bridal and pageant collections for those more glamorous occasions. For the best in style and individuality, look no further than April Soderstrom Jewelry – the collections are a perfect reflection of summer’s freedom! aprilsoderstrom.com